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XOP Consulting Solutions is purposed to help businesses and individuals overcome obstacles. We provide diverse people solutions, transformational coaching, and innovative strategies to help you unlock potential and actualize purpose. Whether you're a business seeking top-notch consulting or an individual in need of personal or professional development, we're a trusted partner with the answers.

Meet XOP's CEO, Principal Consultant & Coach

Joya D. Calloway

Joya D. Calloway is a multitalented and purpose-centered leader with over 10 years of diverse experience, holding a Masters of Arts in Organizational Development and a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership. She is passionately focused on people development, transforming business culture, and creating equitable and inclusive work processes. Joya specializes in creating engaging learning experiences that spark introspection and growth, guiding learners on a journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement. Her transformational coaching equips individuals, both professionally and personally, with the ability to effectively navigate challenges and uncover purpose. As a change agent, her commitment to humanitarianism also underscores her passion for making a difference in the workplace and our communities.  
Career Highlights & Qualifications
  • Over 10 years of experience, including Human Resources and Learning & Organizational Development leadership, client services, and health services
  • Led enterprise-wide engagement and survey efforts, yielding an organization's Top Workplace award
  • Pioneered and oversaw organization-wide diversity initiative, including training and events
  • Revamped curriculum, processes, and learning experiences, resulting in 30% increase in program completion
  • Created an organization's official people operations strategy for performance, development, rewards/recognition; and employee relations
  • Gallup Global Strengths Coach: successfully coached hundreds of individuals and led successful team building workshops
  • Bachelor of Arts Organizational Leadership & Master of Arts Organizational Development from Roosevelt University
  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategist: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace certification University of South Florida
  • Your pending problem-solving partner